Monday, January 05, 2009

Touchstone Word of the Year

My disillusionment with New Year’s Resolutions has caused me to search for an alternative goal-centered activity; one that would be more meaningful, less cumbersome and easier to attain. In my quest, I stumbled onto an idea from a fellow writer’s blog ( Her challenge is to come up with one word that defines this next year—a touchstone.

This seemed a daunting task, to come up with one word to define my entire year, but on Ms. Kane’s blogsite I found an exhaustive list of powerful words from which to choose. Normally, I am a very impulsive person; when given a task I generally act quickly and decisively without much forethought. Not this time—this time, I scoured the list. I studied it and even meditated on a few of the words for inspiration; hoping one would stand out as an obvious choice. Instead, several words jumped out at me—words like: integrity, courage, discipline, hope—all good, perfectly applicable to my life, but none of them seemed to encompassed my conception of a 2009 touchstone. So in a bit of frustration, I put the idea on the back burner and decided to give myself some time to really think it over.

Following dinner at a friend’s home this weekend, our gracious host gave Kent and I a small booklet entitled Continuous Revival by Norman Grubb. What makes this book even more of a treasure is that our host highlighted portions of the book that resonated with him. It was while reading this modest, but powerful book that it became clear what my touchstone word would be for 2009. It was if the word jumped off the page and right into my heart.


According to Grubb, revival simply means, “the reviving of dead areas in our lives”. He continues to reveal that contrary to our human limitations, revival is NOT merely something we pray for and wait to occur, but “revival in its truest sense is an everyday affair right down within the reach of everyday folk-to be experienced each day in our hearts, homes, churches, and fields of service.” Yes, it is clear: revival is just what my life needs. In 2009, REVIVAL will be at the core of my actions. Renewing those dead areas in my life-the areas in my heart, home, church, job and life which I have allowed to lie dormant for far too long will now be my focus.

Revival of relationships
Revival of a healthy lifestyle
Revival of spiritual aspects of life
Revival of service
Revival of purpose
Revival of talents
Revival of rest

If you decide to do the same, and create a touchstone word for the year, let me know. Post it in the comments or create a link back.


~TigereyeSal~ said...

Fantastic idea! I'll let you know when I figure mine out.

Shelly said...

Love it! When life slows down a bit I will think of my touchstone word and post.

Sari said...

Interesting idea, and revival seems the perfect word for you. You're right about resolutions, really they just set people up for feeling bad about themselves when they (inevitably) break them.

Janine said...

I love this word! I am on the same path you're on (it's been a year for me) and this word touches something deep inside of me.
Would you mind if I steal it?! I may also blog about this post and link it.
Thanks for something meaningful this morning.

Janine said...

OK, although I really wanted to take "revival", another word spoke to me .....
I am going to choose more in this year, especially since I couldn't choose so much of last year.
Thank you so much for posting this!

Marsha said...

Great word Janine--thanks for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea! I'm not one for resolutions but this is really a great idea!