Saturday, January 03, 2009

Best of 2008

Marsha's Best of 2008
Best Event of My Year: March Wedding – our simple and intimate ceremony was by far the highlight of my year. Living life with Kent continues to be “the best”.

Best Family Event: Family reunion in Arkansas- there is something about connecting with your roots and those folks who share your heritage.

Best Read:
Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follett – best book by far that I have read in years

Best Surprise Movie: Slumdog Millionaire – surprise movie of the year. I loved it from beginning to end.

Best in Television: House/24 – plain great writing and acting

Best Decision: Starting to run/bike/swim –. I just need to get back to it—soon.

Best Monthly Events
: Book Clubs – The best-buddies and the church-ladies are both the fabulous.

Best Comeback: Coffeehouse Theology Sunday School Class – for the first time in 20 years, I look forward to going to Sunday school every week. I didn’t appreciate how intelligent, insightful and wise my mother is until having the opportunity to sit under her teaching.

Best in Music:
Lenny Kravitz –It’s Time for a Love Revolution

Best in Christian music: Chris Sligh – Running Back to You

Best in Education:
PBIS (Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support) – most effective education practices in my career. Of course it is because at my school there is a total buy-in AND an exceptional PBIS team.

Best Card Game: A tie between Dominion and Great Dalmuti (check them out at The Boardroom)

Best Strategy Game: Pillars of the Earth

Now it is your turn. What would your best of 2008 list look like (or your worse). Either link back or post in the comments. Com'on now---share---you know you want to.


Anonymous said...

There was a 2008? It went by so fast, I really don't remember it. To be honest, I would have an incredibly difficult time making my list.

But I will put my 2c in for my favorite games in 2008:

Strategy - Stone Age and Agricola

Card - San Juan (not new in '08)

"Spoof" - Munchkin (not new in '08)

Ok, I am now done with my pitiful plugs.

Candice said...

I'm always a sucker for these things. (Plus I was bored and a bit brain-dead this afternoon. =))

Here's mine:

Happy New Year's to you, Marsha!

Unknown said...

Marsha, I agree about Slumdog Millionaire and Chris Sligh ... two of my faves this year, as well!