Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Life Sucks; Get a Helmet"

I am, by nature, optimistic. The last two years have made it more difficult to remain sanguine, but I have strived to remain hopeful. I do; however, have my moments. This quote by Dennis Leary was posted this week in a thread on an e-bulletin board that I frequent. I KNOW Dennis Leary is far from anyone’s idea of a role-model, however sometimes the profound comes from the profane. His quote simply states:

"Life sucks; get a helmet."

When I first read this quote I chuckled, but only for a moment, for I slowly began to realize that these words contain truth. We can’t change the fact that life isn’t always the way we dreamed it to be. We live in a world that brings heartache as well as joy. All of us are in need of some type of “life helmet”; something to protect our hearts and minds as we maneuver the course.

This “life helmet”, I suspect, is composed differently for everyone. Some need a helmet of pure hope or one of self-confidence. Others may need a helmet of faith or one of comfort. Most likely we wear “life helmets” that are a composite of many different protective qualities. Perhaps these helmets change, as we change or as our life situations change.

I must admit that at times I grow weary of donning the “helmet”. Occasionally I take it off thinking that I am handling things well and no longer need it; but then, unprotected, I get thumped by yet another unpleasant aspect of this life that has become mine. What happens next is that I sink into a pit of self-doubt and pity. This continues until I choose to reach down and place that dang helmet back where it belongs. It is then that I feel safe from those “life daggers” which are constantly hurled my direction. Yes, “Life sucks” (at times) and we all need to “get a helmet”.

This I know for sure…


Evan and Julia said...

I say screw the helmut. Life sucks; get a martini!