Monday, July 30, 2007

It's My Birthday!!!

Birthdays sure aren’t as fun as they used to be. Turning 45 is no where near as fun as turning, let’s say, 18!! When we were young, it was all about the “day”, now, we might celebrate a day early or a day late or a week late because of convenience.

Do you remember the anticipation that led up to the big day? Now-it is more a dreaded feeling of growing yet another year older. I do celebrate the fact that I do not “feel” like I am 45. I remember when my mother turned 45 and I thought that she was “really old”, I don’t feel like that “old person”. Don’t get me wrong, I still like birthdays I just wish I could conjure up the marvel and wonder of those birthdays gone by. Perhaps time skews our memory and grown-up birthdays are really more “cool” than we realize.

My favorite birthday gift this year (I hate to say that because everyone has been SO generous and I am truly grateful) is my digital picture frame. I downloaded many pictures that scroll through the frame. Whenever I go into the kitchen (where it is plugged in) I smile when I see a picture of the boys or of Kent or of my widow friends. I am blessed and though life has been less than what I would call “fair”, I still feel fortunate

On this birthday I reflect on my life as it is today. I have the love of family, friends and a very good man. I am, truly, surprised that I could be so fortunate. I also know that life can be very short and that I must claim the blessings granted to me. SO---today, July 30, 2007, I claim that I am a blessed individual—that life can, not only continue, but thrive after heartache…

This I know for sure…


Marc Abla said...

WOW! You are 45? Whatever you do, don't think of it as halfway to 90!

And I wonder why you don't smile when MY picture comes up.

Smile Sis!

Evan and Julia said...

Happy Birthday! I tried to post this monday, but it wouldn't let me. Don't worry about being 45. 45's great! Just think, there's a gun named after it (Colt 45) and also a malt liquor (Colt 45). I'm sure there are lots of other really cool things about 45. Like if you add them together they make 9 and 9 is divisible by 3, the perfect number. We use 3 when speaking of the Holy Trinity, as in 3 in 1, Hey! That's how old I am, 31. I wonder if that means anything.

Linda said...

Marsha, I am SO sorry that I missed your birthday! Wishing you the very best of everything in the year ahead!

All my love,

Trish said...

Grrrr... I am the worst friend ever. UGH.

Can we pretend that your birthday is really August 9th?

Happy belated birthday to you.

Love ya,

who probably talked to you on your birthday and didn't even know it.