Monday, July 16, 2007

Handling Disappointment Like a Grownup

Well, I don’t---handle disappointment like a grown-up that is. I pout, feel sorry for myself, make impulsive decisions in the midst of being upset and exhibit less than mature behaviors (attractive image isn’t it). HOWEVER, I am not sure I ever want to change. The flip-side to this character flaw is that I do tend to get over "stuff" quickly and move on, so people only have to deal with my lousy attitude for a short time. What scares me a bit is that the older I get the longer I hold onto resentment-just something else I find troubling. Don’t know why this qualifies as a legitimate blog post, but it does. Besides, seeing it in print somehow validates my attitude. So there, I will simply take my ball and--------------go home.

This I know for sure..


cherie said...

I am not much with disappointment either, but I am also a shortlived outburst type. I burst like a cloud on a humid summer afternoon and then the sun comes out.

There is something about being able to pore your thoughts and feelings onto the page. Even when it means nothing to others, we think, it is good for our souls.