Sunday, July 15, 2007

From the West Coast to the East!

I just returned from Boston. I had never been to the east coast and was looking forward to the trip – I was not disappointed. After arriving in Boston on Wednesday we were honored to meet two widow friends from the board. The extra treat was being able to see and tour Eric’s beautiful Colonial home located on the Atlantic Ocean. It is always amazing the instant bond that is created through our shared experiences.

Whales are truly magnificent animals! The highlight of the trip was whale watching in Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. Even our guide could not contain her excitement with what we were able to see on our watch. She said we were lucky to have experienced so many whale behaviors in just one trip.

Top Ten Boston Style

10. Take the Freedom Trail—but I would walk one-way and ride the other.

9. East Side Grill in Plymouth---excellent seafood and great ambiance.

8. Quincy Market—downtown Boston—the hub of the city—lots of great entertainment and great food.

7. Faneuil Hall – another downtown Boston landmark that is fun.

6. Newport mansions – these are truly amazing homes—what was with this gilded age?

5. Newport sea drive – there are amazing homes and terrific harbor activities going on all the time.

4. Plimouth Plantation (yes, I spelled it correctly) – this is a MUST on the trip. Take a step back in time.

3. Plymouth Rock---a little bit under-whelming BUT, hello, it’s PLYMOUTH ROCK.

2. Lobster – here is the BEST tip for the east coast – walk, in fact RUN past any hoity-toity restaurant and proceed directly to the nearest ocean-front DIVE and order the lobster---it is an AMAZING dining experience.

1. WHALE WATCHING – it is by-far the best part of the trip.

It was a trip of a lifetime-- more pics, if you are interested

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