Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Blessings

Waking up this morning I didn’t anticipate that the day would turn out as it did. I was unaware of the blessings God had in store for me this day. I woke with a million things on my mind. My family was coming to my house for Christmas dinner -- I hadn’t begun wrapping all my presents—my house needed cleaning – laundry needed to be finished-- and I was exhausted before the day began.

Rolling out of bed, I threw on a t-shirt and sweats then took mental note of my daily tasks. I carried down the laundry, checked my email and put on a pot of coffee when all of a sudden; I heard my garage door open and in walked----my cleaning lady. Yep, Daysi walked through my door and said, “Didn’t you expect me?” I assured her that I was very surprised that she came on Christmas Eve—yet was ecstatic that I no longer had to worry about getting my house ready for family tomorrow (blessing number one).

I retreated to my room to finish wrapping my Christmas presents. As I placed the final piece of tape upon each gift, and wrote the familiar “to:____ and from: _______” I felt compelled to offer up a prayer for each recipient. I prayed that this year would bring each individual blessings and an abundance of hope beyond expectation. This was one of the most profound solitary moments I have spent in my entire life (blessing number two).

After Daysi left, my best friend, Ginny arrived unexpectedly for an impromptu visit. We chatted and laughed together. It is always a gift to share part of your day with one who understands and accepts you so completely ---again---this was another unexpected blessing (number three, but who is counting).

Taking a long bath was next on my list, followed by preparing for an evening with Don's family. The last two Christmas’s, to say the least, have been difficult for all of us. Losing Don the first Christmas was difficult enough, not to mention, the loss of his father 10 months later making last Christmas unbearable. I decided that this Christmas would be different. I knew it would take a conscious effort to make this wish a reality.

We arrived at my brother-in-laws in time for our traditional Christmas Eve meal of homemade pizza—oh so delicious. We played games and laughed until we cried, while reflecting upon memories of the past. After exchanging gifts to one another, my MIL placed a final gift into my hands, the tag read: to Kent. She will never know what a blessing this simple act of acceptance and love meant to me. Upon reflection, this evening was the day’s greatest blessing— the love of Don's family— who through the depths of grief to the heights of promise have continued to love -- was indeed a highlight of my holiday. God has been faithful to bless our lives in spite of what life has thrown our direction. Christmas Eve blessings are sweet indeed.

This I know for sure.


Annie said...

I am glad the day and the evening turned out so well. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Good thing I live so close!
Hopefully you will have a wonderful day!
Yes, Daysi is a gift!
Have a great HOLIDAY and if you want to walk, I have been outside everyday. COLD, but it is so nice to be outdoors!
Love ya!

Marsha said...

On an continuous note, when my fiance opened the gift from my MIL--there were tears in his eyes----wow----

Shelly said...

You have truly been blessed....and thanks for sharing your's a blessing to me to see the evidence of grace in your life...

Friski said...

Thank you so much for sharing that, hon. What a lovely recap of your day. I can't think of other words to express how this blog entry has touched my heart.

You are blessed, indeed. And so are we, to have you in our lives!

It was so wonderful to see you yesterday, even if it was for a short time. I hope to get down your way very soon.

All my love,

P.S. Sorry for another "Valerie Bell moment," but when you recalled your gift wrapping reflection, I thought of her. Valerie once mentioned that when she goes on her morning walk, she prays for the neighborhood families as she passes their homes. What a glorious way to care for others!

I am so thankful for you, my prayerful friend.