Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Happy Anniversary to ---- well, ME!

Today is my wedding anniversary, or would have been my wedding anniversary--26 years—a lifetime for some. I am not sure why, but today seemed to have been a bit more difficult than I expected it to be. I married Don when I was 19 years old by one week, because my mother told me I couldn’t get married at 18. I was warned that I would regret my decision—that I would lament my young adult years if I were “tied down” by marriage. That never happened. I wouldn’t have done ONE thing differently---I have NO regrets. In fact, I am so very grateful that I had those 24 years with Don.

I look at the faded photographs of that special day so long ago. The subjects look so very young—with a lifetime of hope ahead of them. Little did they know their time together would be cut short. How fortunate they decided to live life to the fullest.

You see, I liked being married. I liked being someone’s wife. I liked sharing life with the man I admired most and you know what? I was good at it. Perhaps it is this perspective that affords me the possibility of loving again—of having a satisfying marriage similar, yet unique, from the life I once had. This is the true legacy of fulfilled love.

Who knows what life has ahead for me? Who knows what is around the bend? To everything there is a season, a time to mourn and a time to dance. I don’t think I was ever aware of how close those two are to each other. Though I can’t imagine a time when the mourning will cease…I do hope for the time the dancing can begin.

Happy Anniversary to ME----

This I know for sure…


Shelly said...

I enjoyed your post...gave me pause for hope....there is a time for everything....blessings to you in this season....

annie said...

Happy Anniversary. Hope you had a good day.

Marc Abla said...

I have little or no memory of my childhood. I have some of my teen years. BUT, I remember July 7, 1981 like it was yesterday, even though I was only 12.

I was the distinguished jr. groomsman standing next to the punk ring bearer as he lifted his feet high in the air and proclaimed, "LOOK MOM, NO SHOES." And then proceeded to look back at me and say - "I told you she wouldn't care."

Only to be out done a few minutes later as he delivered the rings (yes, they gave him the rings) to Don... Again he proudly proclaimed, "I helped you. I tied them tighter!" Don looked at his not so jr. groomsmen and, yes, asked for a pocketknife. Sawing away at the knot(s) fit for a Brinks truck, he freed the ring.

I am looking for the day when I can stand next to my shoeless, little brother again... maybe during, maybe after the ceremony - it really doesn't matter; and see my sister again take on the role that she fit so well. Just one word of advice – this time, don’t give the punk the rings!

I may not know much, but THAT I know for sure.

Evan and Julia said...

Here's what I know for sure. I was not a ring bear . . . I was a ring duck! marc's a sorry son of a such-and-such!

Happy Anniversary!

Marsha said...

Now, now you two--- let me point out a few things
#1. Marc you may have a great memory of that day BUT YOU GOT THE DATE WRONG---August 7th.
#2. Yes, I did have a "ring-duck" because my brother Evan didn't like "bears".
#3. One story that wasn't told was the Minnie Pearl act my mother pulled off after the wedding when she lifted her arms in exhaustion only to have the sales tag from the dress hanging in her arm pit.
#4. ALSO, I had a bouncer at my wedding (Doug B--in his "not so tame" days) because of a wacko parishioner obsessed with being my parents daughter.

All in all---it was a great day--filled with love, honor and much respect.

your dad said...

I will respond to the lesser of what I read. First, the brothers do not have good memories since the younger said, "I tied more knots." Which caused Don some kind of fit trying to untie them with shaking hands. I even remember there were 8 knots.

The second is to ask are we receiving more "Perhaps it is this perspective that affords me the possibility of loving again—of having a satisfying marriage similar, yet unique, from the life I once had" hints of what is to come. Perhaps out of INDY?

OH, well. I did not have much to say about another time, similar place, different person either...I was just the father.

Lastly, I am glad to hear that one of my children admit that their mother who is not ever wrong was at one time.