Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Familiar Journey!

I hate dieting.
I am not fond of exercise.
There I typed it out loud.

Four and a half years ago I had gastric bypass surgery. After a 140-pound loss I am starting to put on some weight again---I HATE IT. All my life I have struggled with my weight and for four and a half wonderful years I haven’t had to think about it much and the weight has simply come off. Now, I know---perspective. I am still 120 pounds less than I was. BUT I don’t want it to get out of control again, so I am back to having to actually DO something. A friend of mine just embarked on a new exercise and diet plan with much vigor. She has inspired me to do the same (thanks so much Trish). I only blog about this to have a place of accountability AND a public place to whine. LOL!

I would love to say this decision has to do with becoming healthy, but honestly it has more to do with fitting into the ridiculous amount of clothing I already own. Actually that isn’t totally true. I know I feel better, sleep better and am all around more content when I am in shape.

Here is the plan. I refuse to diet, as I have spent the better part of my life doing so. I refuse to deprive myself, which only leads to me eating more. I am going to watch portions and exert the greatest part of my energies to exercising. I have a walking partner that really could keep me going at an amazingly fast pace, I just need to get back in the habit (be ready Suzanne). Also, it appears from research I have read that some form of weight training is important for women of my age (geezzzzz!!!). I guess I am going to have to get the son of my walking partner (yeah Robo) to come up with a routine for me. He is a major athlete and will probably give me a “kick butt” workout.

OK—here is my starting weight … did you really think I would type that?? No, you won’t get daily or even weekly updates. If you want to know how I am doing, you will have to contact me yourself. Gee, as I read over this entry it sounds a bit – cranky. Wonder why that is?

Well I am off on a familiar journey…

This I know for sure.


nance said...

marsha can do it!!! i'm still waiting for your call to walk....remember????

Linda said...

I think we should start our own version of the "Celebrity Fit Club". Maybe the "Girlfriend Fit Club!" :-)

We can be accountable to one another, be crabby on ocassion, be cheerleaders, whatever we need!

So, here's the scoop ... I lost 4 pounds this week. I have not been trying too hard, to be honest. I have eaten a bunch of bad foods (stopped at McDonalds and Culvers today!). BUT, I have allowed vegetables to pass my lips and I continue to drink water only!

I want to be less sedentary, but it is so hard for me to feel like walking or working out when it is so dang hot outside!

In an effort to also limit my time in front of the television, I would like to make a promise to myself. While watching TV I need to 1) do leg lifts, 2) work my abs on the big fitness ball, 3) stretch, or 4) do arm stuff with my elastic bands.

I'm flabby.
I get out of breath when I walk up stairs.
But I can do it.
I need to do it.

This I know for sure!

Marsha said...

WaaaHOOOO Linda,
You are NOT in this alone. I hate to do ANYTHING when it is this hot, but now look what I have gone and done!!!!
I am SO proud of YOU!!!
This I know for sure.

annie said...

I admire the pledge to weight train. I was religious about it back in my early to mid-thirties but I LOATHE it. The only way I can make myself is if I have someone to hold me accountable, so I used to sign up for the training class at a local high school. When someone is there to ask you why you've missed a class, you try not to miss class. You are right though. It's good for us.....mature women. On the brighter side, I have cracked the mile at last when it comes to running. I can run two miles now (I walk the other two to three). Yea me.

Good for you though to skip dieting. It just doesn't work long term. Best of luck (actually it's not luck. It's determination and knowing who your best you is.)

Trish said...

Yeah Marsha! I'm so glad to not be doing this alone.

I'm not dieting, per se. But I am also not eating everything but the kitchen sink, as I have been doing lately. I'm not counting calories, fat grams or points. I am eating sensibly and watching portions.

I was just about to head over to our work kitchen where someone left a really yummy box of cookies. I had 1 already, which is enough. But I wanted to take a stack. Your post stopped me. So thank you!!!

Love ya,


Anonymous said...

NICE to have you back on the "track" with me. I truly LOVE to walk, so it is easy for me to do go it alone. Robo is still laughing at my inability to do abs for more than 30 seconds without dying. He is in AMAZING SHAPE. I told him that is why he won a state championship 5 days after an apendectomy and I would have been in bed for at least 5 weeks.
I promise that amazing wardrobe you have will be in use soon!
See you when you can join me
Nance, I am waiting for your call to walk - I have rarely missed a day ALL SUMMER. :)

Marsha said...

well Suzanne,
This morning was just what I needed--we will be up to that 4 mile mark soon. Thanks for the inspiration and pace--YOU ROCK
love ya,