Monday, November 10, 2008

Tuesday Trivialty is BACK--Take the Challenge

Complete the following task with a word beginning with the same letter as your first name—common—it’s just for FUN!!!

1. What is your name: Marsha
2. A four letter word: Mall
3. A vehicle: Mustang
4. A city: Madrid
5. A boy's name: Michael
6. A girl's name: Melinda
7. Drink: Mountain Dew
8. An occupation: Monk
9. Something you wear: Muffs
10. A Celebrity: Madonna
11. A food: Macaroni and Cheese
12. Something found in a bathroom: Make-up
13. Reason for being late: My car wouldn’t start.
14. Something you shout: My goodness!
15. An animal: Mongoose
16. A body part: Mind
17. Word to describe yourself: Meaningful
18. A favorite word: Miracle
19. A movie: Mama Mia
20. A book you enjoyed: My Sister’s Keeper by Jody Picault

Leave your answers on a comment or refer back to your blog!! Enjoy!!


TigereyeSal said...

What is your name: Sally
A four letter word: sand
A vehicle: Suzuki
A city: Sacramento
A boy's name: Sam
A girl's name: Sydney
Drink: Sprite
An occupation: salesperson
Something you wear: scarf
A Celebrity: Sally Field
A food: sausage
Something found in a bathroom: sink
Reason for being late: slept in
Something you shout: STOP!
An animal: skunk
A body part: spine
Word to describe yourself: silly
A favourite word: schnookums
A movie: Spiderman
A book you enjoyed: Snow White

Sam helped me with my list...

Marsha said...

Thanks for playing Sally (and Sam) what a GREAT mom you are!!! Don't let ANYONE tell you any differently.