Monday, November 03, 2008

Above the Fold

I know I have taken a hiatus from blogging, but I am back...

On the eve of what will certainly be the most monumentally historic election in our country’s history, our local newspaper has seriously missed the mark. There is a three-inch banner story at the top of the front page (no picture) about “Obama expanding ‘blue states’”—and that is the ONLY mention of the election on the front page. I am not kidding. The story covered on the rest of the front page with a 5 1/2” by 8” FULL color photo is entitled “Pennies from Heaven”. This story chronicles a family that is renovating an older home; who are finding pennies everywhere in the home and are sure that the spirit of their dead grandmother is leaving the pennies around the house. WHAT???? Just so you don’t think I am making this up, here is the link to the story:
Pennies From Heaven

In the graphic design world, there is a concept referring to the positioning of enticing news stories and photos placed above the fold on the front page. Supposedly, this is prime placement for articles that attract people to purchase the newspaper. Is the “ghost penny” story really what the editors of the Decatur newspaper think will entice intelligent people in our community to buy and read this newspaper, especially TODAY—the day before election day?

In the past, I have threatened to stop reading our local newspaper for a multitude of reasons, but this time—I MEAN IT. No longer will I patronize (vt. to be a regular customer of a business) the Decatur Herald and Review as long as they are determined to patronize (vti. to treat somebody as if he or she were less intelligent) me--and THAT you can print ABOVE THE FOLD!


Marc Abla said...

I am laughing. This is one of the two reasons we have NEVER subscribed to H&R. They do NOT have a good publication, they charge huge amounts for ads, and way too much for subscriptions.

I will stick to buying when I need something specific, and let the crowd they pander to pay for their publication.

About time someone called them on the carpet. Thanks

Marc Abla

Rob said...

After having watched some of the videos depicting lower functioning life forms at political rallies, it wouldn't surprise me that your daily paper has that group as its target.

Face it, Marsha, you're a ten percenter.

Welcome back to the blogosphere. (From another absent blogger.)

Anonymous said...

Have you read Alicia's post on Maslow? I think it applies. How can people who are in crisis - living from paycheck to paycheck - be expected to gather the thought to focus on politics? Even if it is probably something that is more important than they realize?

We met the basic need first and if we can't or struggle with it than all we can absorb really is stories about ghostly penny givers.

Nicole's Lost said...

haha, I totally agree with Marc.

btw, this is my blog -