Tuesday, January 15, 2008

When I Can't Find the Words!

I haven’t written for a week. I simply don’t have much to say right now. Characteristically, I decided to analyze why. It could be a direct result of my plate being full - stuff like planning a wedding, preparing for two book clubs, teaching 120 students everyday, running a household, balancing the budget and simply keeping the plates spinning. For the first time in a while, I am speechless. It’s like I don’t have an intelligent thought in my head let alone one to share.

I know I need to exercise again. The first step has been taken—I joined the YMCA. Now, I just need to go. I am not terribly tired, just preoccupied. It is in times like these that I believe my ADHD goes wacko. Not only am I keeping the plates spinning, but my mind is spinning as well.

Finding moments of respite isn’t easy. It takes conscious effort on my part to slow down my heart and mind long enough to be recharged. I used to have a screened in porch that was my haven: my special place to find solace. More than once, I remember retreating to this special place in the middle of winter. I would take a space heater, a huge blanket, a big cup of coffee, and my Bible into this sanctuary as I refueled my soul. I really don’t have a physical respite at this moment. It appears as if this would be a good place to start my search for solace. If I can’t find that extraordinary place—I will need to find extraordinary time.

This I know for sure…
Dang, pretty long for not having anything to say...


The girl left behind said...

You could start with the blanket. :o) I say make a fort out of the couch cushions and take a break. My mom gave me a great, soft blanket for Christmas; I could live in that thing. I wonder if the boss would mind...

Trish said...

I could use one of those places myself, but no matter where I go, they find me!

Goodluck on your search for solace, my friend.


my3angels said...

I started trying to lock myself in my room, but my daughters figured out how to jimmy the lock. ;o) So much for my quiet place.

Hope things settle down for you soon. I can really relate to all of those plates spinning. It can seem like a never-ending process at times.

Hang in there and may you find a place for solace.

Take care.