Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Resolution Solution!

Bridet Jones's Diary begins with 33 of her New Year's Resolutions. She provides a window into her character simply from creating the list. Tomorrow I go back to school, yes it stinks as all the other schools around us are out until Monday. In trying to create a writing assignment for my students that mixed the rhythm of the season (New Year's) and the craft of creating character, we are going to complete the following New Year's Resolution. I can't wait to learn more about my students through this activity--wonder what they will learn of me.

My New Year’s Resolution:
(or A Tribute to Bridget Jones)

I will not…
…jump to conclusions before getting all of the information, at least most of the time.
…drink a gallon of Diet Mountain Dew each day—half-gallon tops
…desecrate another moment trying to figure out why things happen
…waste calories on food that doesn’t taste good—
…squander my energies with negative talk.
…check my email continuously—keeping it to three times a day (morning, noon, evening).
…allow past mistakes/failures to affect the future.
…abdicate my responsibility to figure out what the heck is wrong with the dishwasher.
…allow the children to manipulate me into giving them money, letting them out of responsibilities or dismissing disrespect as teenage angst.
…yell first and ask questions later

I will…
…sing louder and more often in the car.
…watch less tv and read more
…not wait until the last minute to read the book club books
…get in touch with friends I have be inattentive to for far too long
…take a planned family vacation
…learn to write down passwords so that I don’t forget them.
…exercise more talk about it less.
…try harder to redirect the negativity around me
…not participate in gossip, hold my tongue and save my obnoxious opinions for when it is essential to use them.
…accomplish Guitar Hero on “medium” level---ok maybe become a proficient “easy”

This I know for relatively sure…
Now it is your turn---what do you resolve???


TigereyeSal said...

This made me smile- thanks!


Trish said...

"…accomplish Guitar Hero on “medium” level---ok maybe become a proficient “easy”" OMG, I spit my tea out at that one!!! I'm glad we have our priorities straight! lol!!!

Trish, awaiting my phone call ;-)

Annie said...

That's a good list.

Vanessa said...

I might have to steal that e-mail one -- I'm a little (okay, a lot) too attached to my e-mail. I'm afraid to get a BlackBerry because I know I'd never put it down!

Friski said...

"I will not wait until the last minute to read the book club books"

Heehee! I can SO relate to that one!!! It's funny when we are discussing the selection and the other gals have commented that I have such a good memory about the book's details. I think ... uh, yeah ... maybe because I finished it this morning?! :-P


Staci Compher said...

love the lists....made me laugh!!