Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Recouperating, Television and Contentment

For the last three weeks I have been recuperating from surgery which means I have watched way too much television. What have I learned? I have discovered that if you watch more than 12 episodes of “What NOT to Wear” you don’t become more stylish---you become more critical. I have also watched so many installments of “Flip This House” that I am actually thinking I can do this myself—stop laughing. Of course I would need the help of my brother-in-law and the financial backing of Donald Trump. Another skill I have acquired is that I could tell you just what to do to get your house ready to sell. Are you aware of the number of shows on television dealing with this topic? I actually got more decorating tips watching these programs than I did watching decorating-themed shows.

This extensive television therapy has made me realize that we, as Americans, seem to be obsessed with making things “better” – our bodies, our stuff, our kids, our relationships. This is a good thing—to a point. But when do we choose to be content with what we have, who we are and what we may become? When do we, as Paul, find contentment no matter what: “…for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” (Philippians 4:11) Perhaps learning the meaning of contentment is what our journey here on earth is all about. I hope I am striving in the right direction. I long to embrace happiness and become content with not only who I am at this point, but with what I now possess and in the eternal plan for the future.

This I know for sure…


Alicia said...

Flipping a house is harder than you think, but profitable and rewarding if you do it right!

First, make sure that your local real estate market is going to give you the return you need on the house.

Second, make sure you buy the house at a VERY low price, and don't forget to get mold, asbestos and radon testing, as well as an inspection by a reputable person or company.

Third, shop at discount markets such as BUYSTAR DIRECT for your carpets, cabinets and whatnot... that'll save you a bundle!!! (I think they charge about $79 for their services, but you'll save literally thousands on carpet, hardware, cabinets and countertops)

Finally, make sure you list the home at a fair market price so it doesn't become stale on the market.
If you list it too high you'll end up sitting on the market too long and you'll end up having to reduce it far lower than your bottom line, thus making you no profit.

I'm a former Realtor from Boulder, Colorado and while I've helped many first time flippers sell their homes successfully, I've seen what happens when they are overpriced and underprepared.
Allow yourself 50% more time than you estimate and 1/3 higher budget than you think you'll need.