Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Two Posts--One Day --Senseless!

I conducted a poetry workshop within my classroom today. It was successful, as lessons go,—my students were so engaged that they didn’t even want to go to band—they wanted to continue to write. Tonight, I found myself watching Oprah on TIVO—and I found myself encompassed in my very own poetry workshop lesson of the day. Oh, a victim of my own instruction---trying to make sense of something so utterly "Senseless"


How many will join our ranks?

I am sitting

At home

Watching Oprah and learning of a man

Named Ken Granda

Father of three


In the hallway of Virginia Tech


I knew something was wrong

He didn’t call me back

He was brilliant

How is his wife?


Three children…

He was a wonderful father..

Hearts are broken

Children without a father

What do we do?

It is surreal…

We can’t move forward…

We can’t make arrangements

We can move forward until

They release


Release the body

“Our sense of grief can not be compared to your own…”

No, it can not.


Can not be compared….


your dad said... my daughter is a poetess. Not only well written but great conveyance of feeling. As I read it I thought...not my kind of poetry. But when I got to the end and realized the thoughts of having to wait...wait...wait, so harsh, for the BODY. I wanted to cry for the family.

You accomplished, I believe, what you intended with the writing.