Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Hate Guns!

I will admit that the recent happenings at Virginia Tech have aggravated my feelings in this area. You see, a former student lost his life a few years ago to the fact that firearms were readily available to him. Now, we find ourselves reading about a college student with a semi-automatic handgun who had the capability of killing over 30 young people in one fell swoop --- in a heartbeat the lives of the Virginia Tech students and families will never be the same-innocence has been stolen from them. Security is gone. I can’t imagine the pain that the parents of these children must endure—it is truly senseless. The loss of my husband was great, but I comprehend and acknowledge that the loss of a child is the greatest loss of all.

I am unwavering in my stance regarding guns. There are very FEW absolutes in my life—this happens to be the ONE that is steadfast. Is this harsh--perhaps, but I will not waver---I will not back down---nor would I ever stand in the way of your “right” to own a gun, especially for hunting (though I have zero tolerance for semi-automatic anything). But if I am aware one is present in your home, my child would NOT be allowed to visit you. See, I am under no illusion that my child, who is capable of conquering any extremely complicated video game, could figure out how to open a “locked” gun cabinet if he so desired and curiosity; well, it is within every child’s nature.

At the end of the day, I believe in the potential of life from conception to death—it is a part of who I am. I can’t explain it any better than to tell you that---ALL life has promise. It doesn’t end at conception and it certainly doesn’t end with making horrific decisions. Do I KNOW that at moments in time, this doesn’t make sense, YES, but I still am willing to hold true to the fact that life is precious no matter what---and guns---seem to only accelerate the ability to take it away.

This I know for sure.


your dad said...

My first reaction was "I think I will rush to Virginia and buy me 4 or 5 of those puppies just to protect my family"...then my better self took over when I realize that we cannot measure our society by the actions of one "bruised soul".

I share your thoughts and tears for the families of those lost to such madness. Their loss was so tragic. The professors that stood their ground and tried to protect their charges and found only death in their attempts, stand tall in this tragic event.

Is it not amazing how the media tries to blame a nation for one persons actions. How often I hear, we need closure...what do they mean? Don died. I don't need closure. I need the book of memory to be opened probably more often than it is and when it is I cry...closure?

I just want peace in knowing that God has and is doing a work in my life because of the event of his death...I believe HE will do the same for the families of all those needlessly killed...those people deserve for the families to not have closure. Memories bring healing, peace, strength, and hope.

Oh, well. Maybe I a little crazy for the way I look at life? death? future?

By the way...I LOVE YOU TOO.

I praay for them all.