Thursday, February 12, 2009

4:30 AM Musings and American Idol

I am finished with American Idol. In the past, I have enjoyed watching as the young, talented folks scratch their way to stardom. I have even tolerated Simon’s demeaning personality as “part of the show”. But how Nick/Norman got through and Jamar Rogers didn’t, is beyond me and Tatiana???---don’t even get me started. It is obvious that you can also be an American Idol if you appear to have that “psycho” quality which attracts viewers for the opportunity to see what nonsense you can come up with next. It’s not like the show is going to leave the air because I stopped watching; it is just at 4:30 am during a stressful workweek, this is what is on my mind. Crazy huh?


Rob said...

I don't watch the show. I have never watched the show. I have never watched a show anything like it.

Having said that as context for this, the show is not about propelling an unknown into celebrity because of their talent and appeal. The show is about generating controversy in order to secure a larger audience (of rubberneckers) in order to pump up advertising revenue.

And that is it.

I applaud your decision to stop "playing that game". There are so many more constructive (or not so) things that can be done with that precious hour each week.

Anonymous said...

I never this show. Everyone would go on and on at the staff meetings or lunch and I was clueless.

The little bit I caught via commercials or drive bys seemed ... mean ... and I saw enough of that type of judging in real life to have my fill.

Shelly said...

I can deal with Nick/Norman better than Tatianna...and I didn't understand why they let the guy go through who quit and walked off stage. I guess it is more about entertainment than talent...and that's too bad.

Tanja said...

I agree, it is all about entertainment, and eventually money of course. The more people you can atttract, the more money you make, and drama queens are always good to crank up the scores.

But, Tatiana is really a good singer, much better than many others tonight. I like her voice, better than her laugh and behavior.

And I recognize the kind of comment of Simon as being very European. We say it as it is, and we are not always so nice to each other. He reminds me of my brother :-)

American Idols is about the only show I watch during the week, mostly because it is something we can watch as a family and discuss it and laugh about it. Family fun!
Otherwise, most of the tv shows are aweful.