Friday, August 08, 2008

Breast Cancer 3-Day

Today is the start of a great adventure for my friend Bear (Barry). He begins walking 60 miles in three days to benefit breast cancer research. The crazy part is that he plans to do this TWICE—once in Chicago and once in San Diego. I have often said that widowhood tends to be self-absorbing, but not for Bear. He is constantly giving whether it is in welcoming newly widowed to the Chicago dinners, or walking 60 miles for a great charity. I can't wait to hear the details of his journey and I am sure there will be stories. Below is a link to his “Blisters for Boobs” website where you can read about why he is so passionate about breast cancer research. I know breast cancer has affected many of your lives in one way or another and if you are compelled to donate to Bear’s walk, there is a place to do that on his site as well. As for me, I am so proud to call him my friend and wish I were there in person to cheer him on! GO BEAR!!

Blisters for Boobs


Anonymous said...

Fall is a cause time of year. MDA is soon and up here we have Terry Fox (which I hope doesn't turn into the obsession with death that it did last school year for K).

Good luck to Bear. (your link is inactive)

KMY said...

Isn't Bear a great guy? Such a giving heart and wonderful sense of humor.

On another note:
Sally sent me my first meme! Tag! You're it!