Monday, July 28, 2008

Motivation 911

OK—I signed up for my first ‘athlon event. It is a biathlon in Springfield in September. I hadn’t worked out in about a week—lost some motivation and quite frankly got a little scared, so I signed up for this event to get me motivated (peer pressure might have been involved as well). There is nothing consistent about my life than its lack of consistency. I began to enjoy swimming and biking (I tolerated running, but liked how I felt afterwards). So, what would make me simply stop exercising one day and then seven days later realize—hey, I haven’t been working out? It makes little sense.

Apparently, I need motivation and something more than just feeling better and having more energy (raise your hand if you think that is a good enough one on its own). I need to drop three dress sizes or win a medal or something to keep me on track and since that hasn’t happened yet, I am open to suggestions….motivation 911.


Anonymous said...

The thing I have found about excercise as a 44 year old that didn't apply a decade or more ago is that I have no "free" time. Therefore it is easy for life to swamp me and I wake up a week later and realize that things have slid to the wayside - exercise being one of them (and it's mostly "me" things that this happens with). Fortunately, Rob nags me about daily workouts. Mostly for his own benefit as I get crabby sans exercise.

Motivation is good. Beware though. Many women do the "athalon" thing once and are hopeless addicts thereafter.

Lisa said...

Motivation has ALWAYS been my problem. The only thing that works for me is to sign up for something so scary that I feel I have no other option but to train like crazy!

Unfortunately, a couple of years ago, I signed up for some race--don't even remember which one now--and something came up that weekend, causing me to miss it. It was the first time I realized that signing up didn't necessarily mean I HAD to do it. Bad. Very bad.

I'm hoping that the newness/pure fear of the "athalon," mixed with the guilt I feel for pressuring a good friend to do it with me will keep me on course for this one!

I got my run in this morning, did you?!

Marsha said...

No run today---a 13 mile (in 60 min) ride and a 500 meter run. I am under more peer pressure to do the Mattoon Tri-athlon---not sure....


Anonymous said...

Good for you Marsha.

I'm at the age where I don't need motivation for anything. If I want to do it, I will. And if I don't? Well, meh, I ain't doin' it.

I get enough self-induced pressure about regular things in life. I'm not going to artificially add to it. (Because it wouldn't work on me anyway.)

Good luck with the training and in the biathlon.

BTW, when I first read that I thought of the winter olympic event that involves cross country skiing and rifle shooting. I guess that ain't it, eh?


Marsha said...

OH Rob,
You would NOT want me to do ANYTHING with firearms---trust me...

Trish said...

No answer on the motivation, other than to say been there, done that! But I really think it is just doing what you enjoy that is the key. I know if you set your mind to it, you will accomplish it. But I will add that if you really do not enjoy the running, I would stick with the swimming and biking.

OH one more thing...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Anonymous said...

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