Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The IRONIC has come full circle

Don was one of the most “fit” people I know. He played golf several times a week, rode his bicycle, and ran. He also had high blood pressure and high cholesterol. It never made sense to me. Even when I weighed over 300 pounds, I didn’t have these co-morbidities---until two weeks ago. I had my annual exam and low and behold---my blood pressure was high. I rushed to the appointment and dismissed it as a “fluke”. Then I had Ginny take it again this last week---it was high---then again two days later---high. DANG!!! So I made an appointment with my GP. After taking my blood pressure—yes it was high, he asked me about my family history. Well----grandmother, father, mother and younger brother are all on blood pressure meds—does this mean anything??? Apparently—it does. Did I get the skinny gene from my mother NOPE--I get the high blood pressure one.

I don’t want a “label”—dang it—for the first time in my life I am physically fit. I run 3 miles and bike 10??? WTH??? But because of my genetics I need meds—so—I started them today.

Dang it---


Anonymous said...

Sorry. But you know, this is genetics and does not diminish your physical achievements at all.

My BIL recently went on meds for high blood pressure after months of denial but it was inevitable because his twin has been on them for years. Some DNA is just too hard to beat.

3miles and 10miles. I am not worthy.

Tanja said...

Marsha, I admire you so very much for all your activities! So just keep on going, for your health, for your life.


my3angels said...


Sorry to hear about your high levels and having to deal with it, but I commend you for taking care of yourself.