Monday, October 22, 2007

Crazy, Sexy Grief

I watched Oprah today. Didn’t know if I could or would considering the topic, but I did anyway. The first story was about a young woman, Kris Car, with stage-four cancer and her documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer. The second story centered on a young professor with terminal pancreatic cancer.

As I listened to each and their amazing outlook, I couldn’t help but connect it to my own journey (yes, Marc it is all about me). Anyway, Ms Car mentioned that “Cancer is my guru, my teacher”. WOW! how powerful. I can say the same for grief—grief has been my guru, my teacher the past two years. I have learned that any life-state one chooses to remain in, whether grief, seclusion, bitterness, or abuse will eventually terminate ones ability to truly live.

I watched these two incredible people—I cried and I laughed, but what I found myself doing most is evaluating my life. Kris explained that “Life is a terminal condition”, “we are all going to die, but how many of us truly live?” I want to truly live. Not a meaningless existence, but a profound one—not a cautious survival, but a courageous continuation. Superficially, the show inspired me to run out to the nearest Walmart and purchase a juicer then, faster than the speed of light, sign up for yoga at the YMCA, but realistically—I am inspired to take stock. Even considering everything I have learned thus far on my journey, there is so much more yet to learn. I want to be able to embrace my CRAZY, SEXY, GRIEF.

This I know for sure


Anonymous said...

It sounds as though this was a good episode of Oprah and I'm a little sorry I missed it. As far as the juicer is concerned... I have one that you can have (or share with me), I'll bring it the next time a see you.

Annie said...

I wish I could be as positive as people who are facing much more difficult struggles in life. I am a bit of a "get through it" and "suck it up" kind than a "look for the silver lining", but I try. That's all you can do.

Juicers are not my favorite but I do love fruit smoothies with protein. And I shop as organic as I can. Let me know about the yoga. So far I have not given in on that. It looks very dull.

Thought provoking once again however.

Marsha said...

For the first time I didn't find myself doing something I would normally do and that is say to myself "yeah my life has had a few bumps, but at least I am not dealing with....that"--- I found myself realizing that struggles are struggles for those dealing with them. There is no "degree" of pain--

I am just so impressed with those whose strength is outwardly apparent and inspiring to others

Anonymous said...

I knew you had to watch that OPRAH segment. I too was so inspired by how those two young people were getting ready for death, but yet living life with so much zest.
No, I did not buy a juicer, nor will I sign up for YOGA, been there done that, but I will try and make more time for FUN stuff and try to get rid of the MUNDANE stuff!

The Good Brother said...

Yoga? Really?

Can't wait for the post - "Crazy, Sexy Yoga" - actually, yes I can.

Marsha said...

Hmmmm.... can't imagine who wrote that last comment---I don't recall that I have a "good brother"--- a "messiah of virility" - yes
a "good brother" - NO


PS--and no--I will NOT explain the "messiah...." thing. If you are that curious you will have to weed through all of my post/comments to find the answer. Happy Hunting---LOL

The Good Brother said...

Unfortunately, you have both... and NO, I won't explain it either.