Friday, February 02, 2007

What Defines Me?

I am so different than I was even 10 years ago. I am not the reactionary—I don’t jump to conclusions (as much)—I also lack a bit of the passion those traits encompass, but have gained a sense of discernment. Different qualities define who I am now. I have grown and hopefully learned.

What defines me?

I am first and foremost a mother.
My children define me—
not by what they do, but when they think for themselves, come into their faith or simply say “I love you mom”.

I am a daughter.
Family defines me--
not necessarily by birth, but by the heritage I embrace with such pride.

I am a friend.
My friendships define me—
not because they chose to share life with me, but because the character they exude reflects my uncanny ability to surround myself with exceptional friends.

I am an educator.
My students define me—
not by getting good grades, but by thinking outside the box, creating a beautiful piece of writing or simply being better members of our community.

I am a Christian.
My faith defines me—
not because of what tenants of my religion dictate, but the day in and day out walk which causes this world to hold the hope I long for

I am a widow.
Loss has defined me--
not because of mourning, but because of the strength gained, the capacity to empathize and the assurance that there is more.

I am a woman.
Life defines me—
not because I live it perfectly, but because I long to live it fearlessly.

This I know for sure.


Anonymous said...

You are such an amazing woman, and I am so proud to call you a friend. God places extraordinary people in my life to help me learn, and in turn, teach. Thank you for being one of those extraordinary people.
Love u,

mfisteach said...

Well Christy,
You know I feel the same about you---your spirit Sunday as you led worship was contagious. Thank you for giving of yourself with such a servants heart.
Love ya sis,